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Countertops are important factor to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen, and there are a number of things to know when deciding.

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The look of your countertops not only affect the entire look of a kitchen design, but are perhaps the most important in terms of utility as well. You can have the best cabinets, and sleekest overall design, but without the best countertops your kitchen will not be living up to its full potential. It is also important to consider delivery, as certain types require different manufacturing times.

Depending on what you want and other factors, there can be delays in product runs based on the countertop templates and installation issues. This is simply a part of the business, and is largely unavoidable, but I will work together with you to make sure the impact on your kitchen remodeling schedule is minimized.

To help you with choosing, I bring years of experience to make sure you decide on the perfect countertops in a range of styles and materials for your wants.

Understanding the various options and their pros and cons is no easy task. There was a time when choosing a countertop was simply a matter of picking the color of a standard laminate, but those days are behind us. There is now a great range of options, and though they can seem bewildering they open a range of design possibilities that simply weren't possible or affordable a generation ago.

There are now literally thousands of colors and shades to choose from.
There is a lot of variety when dealing with countertops, including granite, quartz, marble, solid surface, preform laminate, and square edge laminate, and each type is highly customizable as well.

Preform laminate, with its seamless front edge and backsplash design, offers a variety of edge options from your basic no-splash to slick ogee edge possibilities.

Custom square edge laminate countertops can be dressed up with wood or laminate bevel edges.

Solid surface countertops are easily repaired, available in a spectrum of color options and score high in performance and durability.

Solid state or granite countertops are available in many styles, colors and pattern combinations, and quartz engineered stone offer much of the same benefits without any worries about potential staining.

Each option has its unique pros and cons, and I can help you sort through those in a clear, concise way in order to choose the very best countertops for your new kitchen. I am well aware that everybody's desires and circumstances are different and require specialized advice and recommendations.

When I apply my hard-won knowledge to your countertops, I guarantee you will be delighted and satisfied with the results.

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