Custom Cabinets

Do you cringe when you hear the words “custom cabinetry?” Most people do. Why? “Custom cabinets” means expensive cabinets, right?

The answer to this question is precisely the premise on which Cabinetry by Design was founded. The word custom, like distinct design, doesn’t have to mean expensive. In order to fully understand the word custom in this context, let me explain the four categories of kitchen cabinets available to you in today’s market.

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Levels Of Cabinet Quality

Stock cabinets: True to their name, these are prebuilt cabinets that can be purchased at the local box store or cabinet retailer. They are the lowest quality and least expensive option in cabinetry. They come in standard sizes and finishes, and because they are prebuilt, you aren’t guaranteed they are stained at the same time (could be finish fluctuations between cabinets in the same kitchen). Some of these come from China and will need to be assembled before installation.

Semi-Stock, Semi-Custom cabinets: This segment has grown tremendously over the past ten years. The semi-custom cabinet is sold as a more price conscious option to fully custom. There are more door style options, better quality finishes, glazes, and some minor customization. Some cabinet companies will offer both custom and semi-custom cabinets, and will allow you to use both if a few custom pieces are necessary. However, the large majority of cabinet companies in this category only offer semi-custom.

Custom cabinets: In a nut shell, what this means is that if I draw it, and it makes sense, the company will build it. If you want to match a specific color, whether it be paint or stain, the company will do their best to match it. If you want a specific door style not available in other semi-custom cabinet lines, the company will build it. If you have a strange angle you need addressed; the company will build the cabinet to fit. This category can be more expensive than the semi-custom cabinet options, again, but they don’t have to be.

Luxury custom cabinets: These are the ultra-high end options, from exotic woods, reclaimed wood from old barns, 5/4 door styles, etc. There isn’t much out of bounds here.

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