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Working in kitchen design and remodeling in the St. Louis area for so many years has given me a unique insight into the best contract workers.

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I make it a point of personal pride as well as professional responsibility that all contractors and sub-contractors that work through me are experts in their field, absolutely reliable, and fully bonded and insured.

When a subcontractor is bonded it simply means he is not a criminal, nor does he have a criminal record. Insured simply means that the subcontractor has both verified liability insurance and workers compensation, and isn't going to sue in the rare case when an accident occurs and a contractor is injured while working on your property. This also provides extra peace of mind for you, the home owner, as any kind of accidental damage or destruction caused by the subcontractor is fully covered by insurance. If wiring is done incorrectly and there is a fire, or plumbing is done incorrectly and your house flooded, the insurance will cover any loss and damages. That said, that is really the worst case scenario, as the professionals that I work with have stellar safety records.

I am pleased to have great contacts and experience with St. Louis' best electricians, plumbers, carpenters, flooring experts, and a range of other home improvement and repair specialists. To many it seems like unnecessary expense to bring in contractors for a job that many home owners are sure they can deal with on their own on a Sunday with a few buddies and a case of beer. My experience cautions against this. It's no different from diagnosing and treating yourself when you get sick: you might be able figure it out on your own, but it isn't worth the risk.

Bringing in contractors with experience in the phases and key features of the kitchen remodeling process is highly recommended, as they have hands-on experience dealing with every possible issue and complication that might come up. By taking advantage of my contacts in repair and home improvement, you can save yourself serious time dealing with multiple contractors.

I can help you ensure that your dream kitchen comes together at the hands of a team of experts trained and experienced in maintaining high quality, preventing cost overruns and delays, and providing the best and most efficient answers to any issues that may arise during your kitchen remodeling.

A few other points to consider:

To achieve a truly great result in kitchen remodeling, the path can get rocky and to all appearances your kitchen will look a lot worse before it gets better. There will be days when it seems like nothing has been accomplished, and days when dust invades the rest of the house despite all the best efforts towards keeping things contained. It's not an easy process by any means.

A team of professionals you can trust is the best option for getting the project on the right track, and I can put together the best team for your unique needs.

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