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Through our process, you may use your own contractor for your project or if you don't have one we have qualified contractors that we work with that know how to get the job done right.

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You've been through the design process and finally have a clear and exciting vision of your own perfect kitchen.

It may not have been an easy process, but you've gone through with it and you know exactly what you want your brand new kitchen to look like.

Now it's time to take that necessary next step and turn your dream into a reality, and that means the actual remodeling process has to begin.

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You may have a trusted contractor or talented family friend already in mind for that stage, and that's great. But for those who don’t, we are here to help you with those services.

We will work closely and attentively together with you, and any contractor that you might already have in mind, in order to get the very best results for your new kitchen. We pride ourselves in delivering the best results with the best quality.

If you already have a contractor in mind, we will want to arrange some time with them to fully discuss the plans. We will make sure we are both clearly on the same page to avoid any unnecessary and expensive mistakes in the project later one. By meeting and discussing matters in detail with you and your contractor, we can help to clear up any questions or issues that the contractor has, ensuring everything goes forward smoothly and efficiently.

The contractor will be provided with a full and comprehensive set of plans at installation, as well as a detailed and specialized packet of installer notes relevant to the process. I will be available at any stage of the remodeling job, for any reason. With my reputation at stake, I have a deeply vested interest in making sure that the process of remodeling your kitchen will be a pleasant, swift and successful one.

I will be visible, available and in regular contact throughout the entire process.

For those who need recommendations on expert and reliable contractors available locally, I have all the information you need. In my many years in the kitchen design and remodeling business, I have made a wide range of connections with contractors in the St. Louis area. I know exactly which companies and individuals who will give you the best value, and I know who to avoid as well.

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In order to give you the best results, the contractors will need to see the existing space in order to get a real understanding of the requirements. This is a vital transition stage between design and execution of the remodeling process, and my trusted contacts have experienced eyes for locating potential problems, setbacks, unconsidered possibilities and expedient solutions. This will also provide a valuable opportunity for you to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have, knowing that you are getting expert advice from a professional. This is not just limited to the carpentry side of things.

I have a deep network of St. Louis remodeling professionals at your disposal, the very best electricians, plumbers, flooring people and more.

Having a team of experts on hand to each share their opinions and expertise is a vital and invaluable part of the kitchen remodeling process, and something to consider even if you do have a contractor in mind already.

Once my team has evaluated the situation, we will all need to meet one more time to discuss issues of the budget. Having a solid understanding of your budget and what you are willing and able to spend is a vital part of this process. My part is to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the material costs.

Another one of the many benefits of spending a long time in this business is I have a solid understanding of how to balance price and quality in order for you to get the absolute best in terms of material, but for prices that won't break the bank. The contractor will present his estimates for the manpower portion of the project. It is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the labor costs involved.

Placing all these expenses on the table at this stage will help you to save money, eliminate any possibility of surprises, and allows you to make the most informed choice possible.

Once the details have been fully finalized and you give the green light to go ahead with the process, you will simply need to pay a deposit for the project, as well as place the orders for custom cabinets, countertops, accessories and other necessary materials for the remodeled kitchen.

The final step is to set a date for the project to be begin. Once a date is agreed upon, you only need to sit back and enjoy as your kitchen dream transforms from drawings into reality, in the hands of trust-worthy and experienced professionals.

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