Remodeling Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom more than a little "blah", or even a little dysfunctional? Have you been looking for ways to upgrade so that you can love it again? Below, we've included a number of potential ways to remodel your bathroom. Whether big or small, all of them can make a drastic difference in how your bathroom looks and functions. We hope you'll find a little bit of inspiration for a remodel here:

1. Consider updating your tub surround or tile color.

Do you have tile that's older than you are in your bathroom or bathtub? A simple change out of color, especially from something bright, like a green, to something soothing, like a grey, can make a difference in how your bathroom looks. Take the time to find the right tile for you, and consider whether you want to do the whole wall the same color, or if your tub surround or shower wall could use something a little different.

2. Update your fixtures.

Are your water-spotted fixtures dragging you down? Changing out the fixtures on your bathtub or sink could make a big difference in your space, and there are plenty of different ones to choose from. Pick something that suits your personal style.

3. Replace the tub or shower

If you've suffered for years with the same tub that's too small for you or your spouse, it might be time to consider how you can make the bathroom a more suitable space. Look for bathtubs or showers that have an adjustable head for different heights, or consider a separate soaker tub and a large stand-up shower to make sure it fits you and your family’s needs.

4. Stop that running toilet

Whether your toilet is just out of date or is leaking, replacing it could help you save on your water bill and add a fresh new look to your bathroom.

5. Consider your flooring.

Is your tile cold, the wrong color, or worn out in places? There are a number of great synthetic and natural flooring options available to match almost any color and style of bathroom that won't break the budget. It can bring the whole room together and make the space feel clean again.

6. Think about adjustable lighting

Most people's bathrooms have two common problems: They're either super dark, or brighter than a hospital due to exposed bulbs. Look into alternative ways of lighting your room, including recessed lighting, a skylight, or even an adjustable dimmer switch for your existing lights. It helps to have choices, especially in the morning or the middle of the night.

7. Change out your storage options

Storage is a must-have in a bathroom. Look into ways you can add additional cabinet space, possibly with a new vanity, or even an over-the-toilet organizer. The less stuff you have sitting on your vanity, the cleaner and more open your bathroom will feel.

8. Replace your countertops

Countertops are an often-overlooked part of the bathroom that can make a huge difference. By switching them to a new granite, marble, or solid surface, you can make your bathroom look new and possibly match a new color scheme, such as updated tile.

Whether you're looking for a little way to change up your bathroom or a big one, we hope you've got some renovation inspiration. For additional ways to make your bathroom the room you've always wanted, check out our photos of completed projects. If you’re interested in learning how easy your renovation project can be, please feel free to give us a call or request your free consultation.

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