Things For Parents And Children To Do In St. Louis

Many people love to travel. Near, far and everywhere in between. Although located in the area coined “the flyover states”, St. Louis Missouri is hardly a city to pass over on the way to another destination. The best part about St. Louis has to be the vast array of activities for parents and children to do. Whether young in age or young at heart, a trip to St. Louis has something for everyone. Take a look at just a sampling of activities that St. Louis has to offer!

Before traveling with a family or solo, make a list of the “Top 5 Attractions” that each person would like to see. If adventure is in their blood make sure Six Flags is at the top of the list. Not only does it have thrill rides, water rides and carnival style food galore, a season pass holder at Six Flags can use it at ANY location. Bonus! St. Louis has a ton to offer for kids and adults alike so take a weekend and explore the city.

Get in on a Friday morning and head to the Saint Louis Zoo. Kids love the zoo and always enjoy a good walk around exploring and seeing the different animals. Schedule that first since it gets hotter in the afternoon, and check out the exhibits during the a.m. when there will most likely be less people, and cooler temps. (The free parking around Forest Park helps as well!)

After exploring the zoo, trek to the CityGarden. Now this place is really neat and kids loved the fact that they could literally climb on almost everything they saw. (Don’t panic it’s allowed!) Go and explore the different statues, run around through the giant rabbits and let them feast their eyes on something really unique.

By this time it will be near mid afternoon and if its time to slow things down a bit, grab some lunch and make a stop at the Oh Lolli Lolli Itsy Bitsy Candy Shoppe. The candy store itself isn’t very big, but it has plenty of choices to pick from! After debating between shaved ice or ice cream vs gummy worms or chocolate bars and taking a selfie with the goodies, make way to Faust Park to ride the St. Louis Carousel. It’s hard not to love the handpainted horses and for $2.00 and a trip back to childhood, it will be money well spent!

The last activity of the day that is a must see is The Mundy. This outdoor theatre is THE place to be to see a performance in the summertime. It does not disappoint! Whether opting for the free seats in the back or paying a little bit to be up close and personal with the performers, Forest Park is where it’s at. The perfect activity and ending to a summer evening among the stars; all while seeing a spectacular show and making long lasting memories.

There are plenty more activities to do in the “Gateway to the West” though so get out there and see them for yourself! Happy Traveling!