Things To Do in St. Louis

St. Louis is a beautiful port city in Missouri that runs along the Mississippi River, which forms part of the border between Missouri and Illinois. With many attractions, and fun places to explore if you are in search of a good time, St. Louis is a place where many sensational adventures can be undertaken even by a person whose exercise consists of pressing buttons on a TV remote.

The Gateway Arch, the tallest arch and the tallest monument in the western hemisphere, stands like a huge door to all who enter the city. At the top of the arch is a visitor observation area where one can view the whole city and feel as though one is standing on top of the world.

The St. Louis Zoological Park or better known as the St. Louis Zoo can be found in a section of the city known as Forest Park; admission is free; however, some fees are charged for some of the special attractions. The park is huge and home to over 18,700 exotic animals; some of its best exhibits include a butterfly dome, a penguin habitat, stingrays, sea lions, and a cypress swamp which shows birds, flamingos and other animals in their natural habitats.

Also, there is the St. Louis Science Center, which is the most visited science center in the world; it’s a group of buildings which house a science museum and a planetarium with over 750 unique exhibits with many popular things to do this is a really cool place to go.

For those who just want to sit back and enjoy a good game, there is Busch Stadium which is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals; this is a place where you can go to feel the energy and vibrancy of the many people who come out to support their city.

For those who enjoy a leisurely, peaceful walk while just taking in beautiful scenery there is the Missouri Botanical Garden which is a place that collects and exhibits a broad range of plants.

In addition the majestic Roman Catholic St. Louis Cathedral is a place that beckons to be seen; the Basilica houses one of the largest mosaic installation in the western hemisphere. On the outside of the Basilica is a radiant 14 foot high stainless steel sculpture known as The Angel of Harmony which promotes harmony, peace and racial equality.

If these aren’t enough, there is the St. Louis Art Museum, one of the principal art museums in the US which houses sculptures, paintings, and ancient masterpieces from all throughout the world; admission is free, and the collection here includes work of famous artists such as Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh and many other well known artists.

St. Louis, Missouri is a great city to visit with many interesting and fun things to do; Bring the whole family or go solo. Either way with so many opportunities and attractions it is a place where you can savor life and simply have a good time.