Organizing With Storage Solutions

“There's plenty of room in the kitchen”, you tell yourself, “it's just not being utilized properly.” We want to help you turn that cluttered feeling and frustration into the feeling of organization and relief. After all, you spend much of your time in your kitchen, cooking and spending time with family, and it should be a comfortable place for all of you.

Like most organizational problems, a disorganized kitchen usually comes from the design of the kitchen itself. Whether you have tons of pots and pans, an extensive spice collection, or a number of dishes, the fact is there isn't enough room in the cabinets for it all because the space isn't being utilized properly. We can offer a number of solutions, whether you want to redesign your kitchen from scratch with my help or simply add storage to your existing space.

We offer a number of storage solutions for a number of problems. If you have cabinets that are big enough for a number of things, but items often get lost in the back, we offer rotating lazy susans and extra shelves to keep all your items in sight. If you have a number of spices, we offer custom spice racks. If you need extra space for your dishes, we can set up extra shelves or even tiered shelving to keep your items on display. Getting to know you and your unique storage needs is the main reason we offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations. Once we know what you need, we can suggest all of the storage solutions you really need to love your kitchen again.

We also offer a number of solutions for storage of kitchen waste and food, including extra pantry space and separate pull-out containers for recycling and garbage. Rather than having your food or recycling on your counter, it can all be tucked away in its own safe space, meaning you'll never have to worry about knocking cans off your counter or smelling an onion when you round the corner. Simple storage solutions like these can make your kitchen that much more appealing.

Once we understand your needs, we can work with you on finding a contractor or bringing your existing contractor in to discuss your budget. We believe quality, custom solutions should be affordable, and work closely with everyone involved in the project to make sure your expectations are met and your budget is observed. I use my experience doing kitchen remodels and upgrades to make sure you get the best quality for the price we agreed upon, and I help you decide how to deal with any surprises before we even start.

If you are ready to get your clutter put away so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen the way it was meant to be, or if you want to discuss storage solutions for a brand-new space, please consider using our online form or calling to set up your no-cost consultation. We want to help make your space the best space it can be, for you.

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