Ideas For Designing Your Kitchen

Everyone has things (some big and some small) about their kitchen that they'd love to change. Sometimes, though, we aren't sure where to begin with the remodel that we need. We've compiled a list of some possible kitchen design ideas to help you identify, and fix, problem areas:

1. Add an accent backsplash

The wall behind your sink or stove may be a white mass of space now, but a simple design fix for a boring wall is to find tile or stone you like and put it up to create a new focal point. We offer a variety of materials that could help you with this project.

2. Add an island

Maybe your kitchen doesn't have enough counter space or seating, but you have extra space in the middle of the room or at the divider that seems to sit there, unused. Consider an island. There are a number of designs available, from simple wood-topped spaces to full cabinets with wine coolers, pot and pans organizers, and many more accessories. This one could be the answer to a number of problems, all in one.

3. Update the lighting

Maybe your kitchen is dark. Too dark. You and your family eat in the kitchen, grab snacks here, and talk, so why spend time in the heart of your home unable to see? Consider recessed lighting, additional overheads, or lights above your stove and sink, where you may need them.

4. Buy cabinet-organizer systems

You know you need your turkey pan and your special Christmas tray once a year, but you only have one cabinet for extras, and so they always seem to end up in front of your rice cooker. Kitchen cabinet design has come so far in the last few years that there are now organizers for literally everything, from spice racks to spoon-organizers. We offer a number of these custom systems to save you from your frustrations.

5. Invest in new cabinets

If your old cabinets won't cut it even with an organizer system, it may be time to consider replacing them. Remember that color matters: Your cabinets take up a large amount of your wall space, and should help tie the room together. New cabinets can also help cut down on your clutter and eliminate any squeaking or broken doors, adding value to the space.

6. Take a look at your floor

If your flooring is old, cracked, or stained, it may be taking value away from your home. Look into all of the finishes available, from wood to tile to granite, to find one that matches your personality and personal style, and give the whole space a new, updated look.

7. Consider your fixtures

Are the knobs on your cabinets or drawers outdated? It might be a good time to consider looking into new pulls for them, as a handle can make a world of difference. Updating your faucets and fixtures can make a big difference in updating a kitchen.

Whether you need one of these updates, or have ideas for new countertops, appliances, or a brand-new kitchen, we want to help you. Check out our photos of finished projects for even more ideas, and contact us online or by phone to set up your free consultation to help get your kitchen in the shape you deserve.

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